Weirdest Weather Formation Over Rochester NY

Strange Weather
This was captured just yesterday evening in the skies above Rochester New York.

It makes you wonder what could create such a pattern.

Perhaps if we wait long enough the same source which denied the existence of Chemtrails might proceed to dispel this as yet another figment of the imagination.

Many people have long witnessed and thus have suspected something usual is occurring while having no clue as to what or where this feeling is coming from. So instead we continue to witness and record and ask questions which are either never answered or when they are will be done so in condescending and ridiculing tones.

So enjoy the image and ask yourself just what does it all mean.

Moonshadow 08 – JoespeaK

Moonshadow LoungeThis time around we give you the goodness and wisdom known as “JoespeaK” covering such topics as people in general and Christians and Muslims from a Pagan perspective.

No Shadow Shaman this time around though you may expect a few hardcore commentary regarding the brainwashing often found within the paranormal community.

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Moonshadow 08 – JoespeaK

Haunting Of Sonnenberg Gardens

Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park have long maintained a reputation for being haunted as corroborated by sightings and the occasional curio photograph.

The following two images stem from recent visitation to the site itself thus providing an example of what sort of haunting activity might be expected should you be lucky enough to experience such.

Haunted Garden Stroll

Last year Sonnenberg Gardens did provide a guided Haunted Sonnenberg Tour around October 27, 2013 which involves the telling of the gardens past spooky history covering the last 126 years. And since the garden is not “ghost hunter” friendly is it highly suggested your patronage of this event as all proceeds go towards the continuance of this most beautiful site.
Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park

Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park