Something Strange

Observed Unknown ObjectThere is something strange in the air.

Yesterday we spotted an individual out walking down the sidewalk across from our home as we pulled in. Large individual dressed in white who was about my weight and was walking slowly. So pulling up our driveway time should have still placed him well in visual range.

I got out of the vehicle and immediately went to look for him since he seemed somehow out of place and he was completely gone!

Now regarding distance along with his present mass and slow rate of progression was there no way he could have just vanished from view and yet that is exactly what he did.

I guess ghosts and perhaps angels do go for afternoon strolls.

Now later in the day was received a report from a woman who witnessed a thin light blue rectangular shape which had superimposed itself briefly over a window then was gone!

And on top of all that did we also witness “something” as seen in this photo.


Psychopomp Detected Hello Everybody!

From time to time we do find ourselves having to deal with actual supernatural beings and or creatures. Such elements may appear either bright or dark and thus may be capable of positive or negative attitudes. Either way when dealing with such is it always better to both know what your doing while also making damn sure regarding the safety of yourself and your people. Mistakes happen. And they can be costly.

Here is an actual image of one such supernatural being including a closeup of it which was photographed by me less than a week ago.

It is believed that this particular anomaly may actually be a psychopomp.
Psychopomp Detected


Moonshadow Lounge 04 From Hell To Spells

Moonshadow Lounge

The Trees Have Eyes

Supernatural being in a tree!Within many different cultural and spiritualistic communities including those Pagan and of New Age in interest is the belief in fairies and Fays and numerous other biological supernatural creatures including those which have been reported to be human like in appearance even though some may be appear quite miniaturized in detail.

The common consensus is that there exist intelligent supernatural beings which may be found prevalent in nature which live in harmony within its own indigenous environment.

It is also believed that such supposed supernatural communities may be rather protective of their surroundings as reported by road crews in Ireland and other countries where their equipment would suddenly cease working the moment they had begun construction on land believed to be the home of such creatures.

Research will also reveal reporting by eye witnesses as to their encounters with many such supernatural creatures, some of which have proven hostile, while others have been known to be of cheerful disposition.

Those which have experienced the legendary “fairy circle” described elements of missing time and of having been whisked away to a far and distant land of enchantment where the lucky ones were returned to the exact spot of their initial encounter while others were never to be seen again, all of which share many similarities with those involving UFO and third kind encounters with alleged alien anthropomorphic beings or sometimes creatures which looked neither human or were described as monstrous or even robotic in function.

The supernatural eye of a creature observing me while in the woods.

The supernatural eye of a creature observing me while in the woods.

Recently I found myself engaged in the pursuit of such creatures by staging my quest in areas prior reported by people to have witnessed such creatures. For someone well familiar with this type of supernatural denizen does one approach with highest respect as well as knowing enough to place focus from high to low of which resulted in the photo you see accompanying this posting.

There are many which choose to not believe in such things as little fairies or elves or even gnomes other than your garden variety depiction on such as found in your local gardening store.

But take my word for it when I tell you it is always wise to keep an open mind as it may further guarantee your safe return from your next outing in the wild woodlands of any country in the world.