Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

Holy Sepulchre CemeteryCaptured about four years ago.

Classic psychic point and click.

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
Rochester New York.

Allegedly England’s Jack The Ripper is buried here.

High crime and violence area.

Parking your vehicle only for a moment to read the stones or capture a few images have provided enough time for break ins and even total car theft! Lock it and club it to hopefully discourage while leaving nothing of value in view.

Continued UFO Experiences

Night sighting over home.

Night sighting over home.

From a time I was a young child do I still recall fragments of an alien abduction scenario involving my parents and myself while traveling through some rural section between New York and the state of Pennsylvania.

Ever since then I have been “monitored” throughout my life.

It is what first got me interested in the paranormal field in search of my own answers which eventually became a lifelong quest which continues to this day because my experiences are ongoing.

It is quite common for people to have continuous experiences with the paranormal well beyond any initial encounter with the unknown at an earlier age. Most people choose to ignore such in the hopes of achieving something reminiscent of a normal life. Still though will there always be those who much like myself had made the choice of proceeding forward in the hopes of achieving a greater level of understanding and comprehension as to the nature and meaning behind their own personal encounters.

And by doing so is there always the hope that we may also find our own answers to questions which for the longest time had remained unanswered.

Emotional Haunting’s

In my world which is what it is does the paranormal prove quite unconventional in it’s reach and interaction with that of this human reality. Spirits reaching out from living trees are far more common than say the generosity of the human heart as governed by rampant apathy.

Ghosts in the wild!

Ghosts in the wild!