Growling Sounds In Your Basement?

Growling Sounds In Your Basement?

Best you first contact animal control.

2nd – We no longer answer direct phone messages requesting our assistance.

First you establish communication with us through email by way of our convenient provided form.

We removed our number due to the level of harassment by other groups in the region.

Once communication has been established we then verify your existence so as to assure the safety of all involved.

There are NO exceptions to these rules. – Thank you


UFO’s are very much real.
And while there are those who still continue to slander me in hopes that it may propel them towards greatness and glory does it do nothing but further identify them as pathetic and desperate losers with near nothing to show for all their boasting. So there you have it. Latest photo separating the men from the sheep.



Haunted Room

Haunted Room

Haunted Room

As you may well know there are many different types of haunting’s covering just about any scenario which can be imagined. And yet people still insist on believing that a haunting may only occur within a specific confine.

The paranormal field which is filled to bursting with overnight experts and adults with their recently purchased electronics and coat hanger/dousing rods have all done their part in creating a new breed of ignorance which thrives and often profits from half truths and misinformation in their bid to sound far more intelligent to the gullible homeowner looking to have a gang of strangers troupe through their privacy and home.

In fact so bad is it that many reputable groups are often looked over and ignored while the shysters of the paranormal community more often than not will score entry into a home.

Another phenomena which is also now most common would be the home owner who will go through a number of paranormal groups going through their home until they find one which gives them what they want. God bless them for they know not what they do.

When we are approached regarding the conducting of either an investigation or research we use a very small highly manageable group of well trained psychics and mediums in first assessing what problems may exist before ultimately seeking a final solution. Problem is more and more haunting’s have been nothing more than traps set up by other groups in order to gain whatever additional insight our organization may have that they may then later plagiarize and call their own. And it’s been becoming more and more a common occurrence ever since local media decided to play favorites with some of this regions least ethical groups who you can count on having a table set up at every psychic fair just to gain even more attention to their illiteracy.

Back in the late seventies when I first got started in the paranormal field there were no other paranormal groups with the exception of Lilydale. There was no competition. There were no money or fame seeking groups. And truly none of the other problems of which now plagues the paranormal community where even if an individual or group is legit will those of other groups seeking territory by any means possible will slander and malign anyone who gets in their way. Which is why we are so selective on which cases we will accept or simply refuse their request.

We have had potential clients attempt to harass and threaten us into accepting their case but to no avail since we are not here to be abused by anyone for any reason. And for those who have thrown the fact of their choosing another group over us do we merely write them down into a best avoided listing for future reference and wish them a good day.

It is not the paranormal itself which proves most hostile but rather the people and groups which have now populated it for fame and gain. Where such problem groups may ruin it for the rest of the community while we ourselves have grown quite immune to such nonsense.

Our photo which was captured on April 2nd 2015 represents that not only are haunting in abundance but that those in the paranormal community who boast over their false theories and over hyped bravado will never have full control of the playing field no matter how many times they have threatened us, destroyed our property, plagiarize our works, or turned so many people against myself and this organization.

We do still accept cases from time to time only after they have been verified for content and authenticity. And thus we are still another viable option for those who have a haunting problem.

As for the harassers and haters?

911 and a call to our attorney.