Ghost Of Powder Mill Park

Powder Mill Park, Pittsford, Monroe County, New York.
Ghost Of Powder Mill Park

Twilight Photography And Ghosts

What I describe as “Twilight Shots” or photo minus any flash are very difficult to capture especially when there is still too much remaining light to even attempt using Night Shot.

This photo, captured while in a rural cemetery, shows that of a full body ghost looking remarkably alive as opposed to what most people might expect an apparition to look.
Ghost in the twilight.

Ghosts Of Bausch and Lomb

Ghostly evidence associated with the Bausch & Lomb tomb located in Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, New York.
Ghosts Of Bausch and Lomb

Living The Haunted

Living in a haunted environment is never boring.
And check out what I’m calling a “peek-a-boo” in the curtain behind me.
A Peek A Boo!