Moonshadow 08 – JoespeaK

Moonshadow LoungeThis time around we give you the goodness and wisdom known as “JoespeaK” covering such topics as people in general and Christians and Muslims from a Pagan perspective.

No Shadow Shaman this time around though you may expect a few hardcore commentary regarding the brainwashing often found within the paranormal community.

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Moonshadow 08 – JoespeaK

Haunting Of Sonnenberg Gardens

Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park have long maintained a reputation for being haunted as corroborated by sightings and the occasional curio photograph.

The following two images stem from recent visitation to the site itself thus providing an example of what sort of haunting activity might be expected should you be lucky enough to experience such.

Haunted Garden Stroll

Last year Sonnenberg Gardens did provide a guided Haunted Sonnenberg Tour around October 27, 2013 which involves the telling of the gardens past spooky history covering the last 126 years. And since the garden is not “ghost hunter” friendly is it highly suggested your patronage of this event as all proceeds go towards the continuance of this most beautiful site.
Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park

Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park

The Ghosts Of Seabreeze Amusement Park

Seabreeze Closeup Several weeks ago my wife and I found ourselves attending a company picnic at Seabreeze Amusement Park which is located near where Irondequoit Bay empties into Lake Ontario. The park has always been something of a permanent fixture through it’s years of change involving the coming and going of various rides and other attractions which have entertained many generations of people along with the creation of so many fond memories.

Rumor has it that the site also possesses something of a historical legend involving the pioneering coming and goings of people through the region, some of which may had met their end and thus have now become the motivation of ghostly tales now told every Halloween by quick money making seasonal opportunists in the form of sidewalk candlelight ghost walks outside of the Seabreeze Amusement Park of which there exists no association between the two.

But to set the record straight – ghosts exist everywhere. But for many people is it cool to pay a guide who hopefully spent their time in the local library studying up on their historical research on any appointed area so as not to insult their paying clients with only whimsical tales and coat hanger demonstrations.

Now while at Seabreeze Amusement Park did I take the opportunity to conduct some covert ghost anomaly detection since many public locations are not that accepting of anyone conducting any activity so narrowly focused as that involving a seasoned paranormal researcher. Though ours is even harder to detect since we are also natural psychic mediums who don’t rely on any of the customary gadgets employed by many within the paranormal field where we rely only on our psychic gifts of detection along with some means of capturing our evidence for later study and further scrutiny.

Source ImageNow as a psychic medium the world around you contains elements of which we detect and see that others may not detect or see for themselves. So often is it when out in public that a real psychic medium will need to prevent themselves from reacting to something which may catch them off guard or surprise them where people around them unable to see or experience what a psychic does may look upon you and wonder if there is something wrong with you.

Quite often people have noticed my growing silent while remaining visually focused on something they themselves could not detect nor see whatsoever. So possessing such a gift may prove either a blessing or a curse depending on your point of view.

The world of which we live contains many elements both spirit and otherwise of which the population would find disturbing to consider as something of which we share this earth.

During our time at Seabreeze did I happen upon one such alternate existence of which to the world around it was it just another human being while to someone like myself was it either evidence of an alien type being or a strong case of some sort of demonic or spiritual possession.

Whatever it was does it still continue its existence unchallenged and untouched in this world which does truly hold many unusual and strange wonders, many of which go normally undetected by most.